Trump Gets Great Fundraising News

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Donald Trump just got fantastic fundraising news.

Donald Trump and the RNC raised $65.6 million in March.

This is more than the $62 million Trump raised in March 2020.

Trump and the RNC ended the month with $93.1 million cash on hand.

The numbers for the Democrats have not yet been announced.

Politico reported:

Former President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee raised $65.6 million in March and ended the month with $93.1 million in cash on hand, according to figures provided to POLITICO.

Trump’s allies hope the amount will ease concerns about his fundraising and the cash deficit he is facing against President Joe Biden. The figure — which covers a number of fundraising vehicles that will all have to disclose their activities to the Federal Election Commission later this month — outpaces the $62 million that Trump raised in March 2020, when he was running for reelection.

Biden’s political operation has yet to announce its March fundraising haul, though it has said it raised $25 million during a New York City fundraiser last week that was attended by Biden and former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. In February, Biden and the Democratic National Committee raised $53 million, Biden’s campaign said, and ended the month with $155 million on hand.

The former president is all but certain to be at a cash disadvantage against Biden, Trump advisers concede. Still, Trump is moving aggressively to close the gap. He has been courting major donors at his Mar-a-Lago club and on Saturday is set to host a major fundraiser in Palm Beach, Fla. that aides say will net more than $40 million. The event is being hosted by investor John Paulson and co-chaired by aerospace executive Robert Bigelow, casino billionaire Steve Wynn and hedge fund manager Robert Mercer.