Supreme Court Takes Up Case Trying To Kick Trump Off Ballot

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Arguments over whether Colorado can kick Donald Trump off their ballot begins today.

The Supreme Court will hear the arguments at 10 a.m EST.

Politico reported:

Most legal experts expect the court — which is controlled by a six-justice conservative majority, including three of Trump’s own nominees — to overturn the Colorado decision and keep him on the ballot. But it’s far from clear what route the court might take to reach that result.

The justices have many options, ranging from a broad declaration that Trump is not an insurrectionist to a hyper-technical interpretation that a key phrase in the insurrection clause does not apply to Trump at all.

The argument begins at 10 a.m. EST, and live audio (but no video) will be available. Here are the key questions the justices will likely grapple with.

Here is the live feed:

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