Old Biden Tweet Comes Back To Haunt Him

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Over 1,600 people have been arrested since April 18th protesting Israel’s war in Gaza on college campuses.

The arrests have been made at 30 schools according to ABC News.

ABC News reported:

Arrests continue on campuses around the U.S. as police dismantle camps of students protesting Israel’s war in Gaza. At UCLA, officers removed barricades and moved in on hundreds of protesters who defied orders to leave, scuffling with protesters and making arrests.

Other arrests were made at Yale University, Dartmouth College, and the New York State universities at Buffalo and Stony Brook, among other campuses. The Associated Press has tallied at least 38 times since April 18 where arrests were made at campus protests across the U.S. More than 1,600 people have been arrested at 30 schools.

In 2020, Joe Biden blamed Donald Trump for the violence happening while he was President.

This post has come back to haunt him – he was called out.

Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee said, “Uh oh Joe. This one didn’t age well. But then neither have you. And where the heck are you anyway?”