NBC NEWS To Fire Ronna McDaniel?

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NBC News caved already.

Yesterday Pro Trump News reported:

According to a new report, NBC News is considering cutting ties with Ronna McDaniel already.

Fox News reported:

There’s active consideration at NBC News to cut ties with Ronna McDaniel after the brutal reception her hiring as an analyst has gotten, a network insider tells Fox News Digital.

The former Republican National Committee chairwoman was signed as a paid contributor last week, leading to an immediate uproar among current and former NBC staffers, as well as media critics who considered the longtime Donald Trump ally unacceptable for the news organization.

An MSNBC insider told Fox News Digital that the pushback against McDaniel’s hiring was worse than leadership anticipated, and not just from within NBC, and due to that there was discussion about cutting her. Spokespersons for NBC News and MSNBC didn’t respond to a request for comment, and McDaniel remains with the network as of Monday.

The source added they’d be glad to see NBC cut McDaniel, saying she has long operated in bad faith, had credibility issues and has engaged in election denial, alluding to her role in helping President Trump’s efforts to overturn 2020 election results and rhetoric about that election being unfair.

There is new breaking news.

According to Puck News, they plan on firing him.