Judge Rules Fani Willis Is Allowed To Stay On Trump Case

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will be allowed to stay on the Trump case Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee ruled.

The judge did say she needs to cut ties with Nathan Wade, however.

Daily Mail reported:

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis can stay on the Trump election case in Georgia but only if she cuts ties with her prosecutor lover Nathan Wade, a judge has ruled.

Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee made the deiision as he considered whether Willis should be disqualified from a case involving Donald Trump and 18 codefendants.

McAfee had self-imposed a deadline of this week after holding bombshell hearings featuring testimony by Willis herself about her ‘romantic’ relationship with Wade.

At issue in his decision was when the affair between the two prosecutors began, and whether it posed an actual conflict of interest or the appearance of one.

The judge said there was no “actual conflict” in the case by the relationship.

NBC News reported:

The judge also found there was no “actual conflict” brought about by the relationship, a finding that would have required Willis to be disqualified. “Without sufficient evidence that the District Attorney acquired a personal stake in the prosecution, or that her financial arrangements had any impact on the case, the Defendants’ claims of an actual conflict must be denied,” the judge wrote.

The decision is a partial victory for Willis and leaves open the possibility the case could be tried before the 2024 presidential election. Had Willis been disqualified outright, the case would have had to go to a different prosecutor, who would be tasked with catching up on a case that Willis spent more than two years building.