CNN Announces Two GOP Primary Debates – Not Sanctioned By RNC

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There will be more GOP primary debates.

CNN announced that they will host two GOP primary debates in January.

These debates are not sanctioned by the RNC and whoever participates in the debate will be breaking the “Beat Biden Pledge” that all remaining candidates (besides Trump)

Breitbart reported:

CNN announced Thursday it will host a pair of Republican presidential debates in January, which are not sanctioned by the Republican National Committee (RNC), ahead of the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.

The announcement comes as former President Donald Trump, the leading candidate, holds a commanding lead in the polls and has declared he will not participate in GOP primary debates.

The CNN debates challenge the RNC’s “Beat Biden Pledge” the candidates signed earlier this year, where they committed to not participating in non-RNC sanctioned debates and to supporting the eventual nominee.

Those who signed the pledge — which includes all remaining candidates, spare Trump — would be ineligible to partake in future RNC-sanctioned debates, according to a copy of the document Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) campaign posted to Twitter in August. Notably, he indicated Thursday he would be at CNN’s debate.

DeSantis has already said he looks forward to debating despite signing the pledge.