Bidenomics: This Thanksgiving Second Most Expensive Thanksgiving On Record

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Joe Biden’s economic platform has been a complete disaster.

Americans are doing worse.

Even with the price of a Thanksgiving meal down 4.5% since last year it will still be the second most expensive on record.

Townhall reported:

First Biden called it “Build Back Better” — until it failed — and now he calls it “Bidenomics,” but the White House nomenclature for the administration’s economic policy won’t be winning hearts and minds this Thanksgiving when Americans are trying to set the table and fill their friends and families’ stomachs.

This year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, Thanksgiving dinners will cost 25 percent more than they did before COVID hit and Biden took office — even after decreasing 4.5 percent from 2022 — making this the second-most expensive turkey day meal on record.

According to the Farm Bureau, “pumpkin pie mix ($4.44 per 30 oz. can) and dinner rolls ($3.84 per dozen) had the largest percent increase at 3.8% and 3.0% respectively” while “whipping cream ($1.73 per half pint) and fresh cranberries ($2.10 per 12 oz.)” saw “a decrease of 22.8% and 18.3% respectively.”

As in previous years, where Americans are checking off their Thanksgiving shopping lists can make a difference, albeit small, in the total cost. For 2023, those in the Midwest have the smallest bill at $58.86 while those in the Northeast will see the largest total cost at $64.38. Thanksgiving dinners in the South came in at $59.10 and out West the total hit $63.89, according to the Farm Bureau.