Biden Facing Uncommitted Vote Problem – Over 500,000 Primary Voters Have Voted Uncommitted

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Joe Biden’s chances of winning in 2024 are getting worse and worse.

He is facing a massive problem from “uncommitted” primary voters.

The Hill reported:

President Biden lost more than half a million voters to the “uncommitted” movement in this year’s Democratic primaries, an effort that has netted 30 delegates across five states that has underscored frustration within his own party over his handling of the Israel-Hamas war.

With this week marking the last Democratic primaries in U.S. states for the 2024 election year, the “Uncommitted” movement netted 10 percent of the vote in New Mexico and 9 percent in New Jersey, a state with a significant Arab American population.

Those states fall behind Michigan, where more than 101,000 voters earlier this year cast ballots against Biden, and Minnesota, whose 45,000 votes netted the movement 11 delegates, the highest of any state.

The protest vote shows the increasingly challenging task Biden faces of pulling those voters back in before it’s too late, something Democrats say the campaign should be taking seriously.

“Of course they should be concerned,” one former Biden campaign aide said. “If they’re not planning to vote for [Biden], they’ve already been disappointed. Donald Trump is a disruptor and a change agent, so he might be an appealing alternative for some of those people.”

Things are getting so bad for Joe Biden Virginia has now been moved to a toss-up.