Biden Admin More Worried About Ukraine Corruption Than They Are Publicly Admitting

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The Biden administration is not publicly admitting their real thoughts on Ukraine.

A leaked strategy document shows they are far more worried about corruption in Ukraine than they are publicly admitting.

Breitbart reported:

The Biden administration revealed in a leaked confidential strategy document that they are far more worried about corruption in Ukraine than they publicly admit, according to a report by Politico.

According to the report, the document warned that “perceptions of high-level corruption [could] undermine the Ukrainian public’s and foreign leaders’ confidence in the war-time effort.”

That assessment was not included in a public version of the document which was posted on the State Department’s website about a month ago.

The document included “numerous steps” Washington is taking to help Kyiv root out corruption, which it said could cause Western allies to abandon Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

Despite this, the Biden administration is calling for more and more aid to be sent to Ukraine.

The Biden administration is doing nothing to fix the border crisis they created – yet they continue to call for more and more aid to Ukraine.

The Guardian reported:

Joe Biden has pressed congressional Republicans to back a deal to provide more aid to Ukraine, after provisions for Kyiv were left out of a bill to avoid a US government shutdown.

The US president said on Sunday he was “sick and tired” of the political brinkmanship, and that US support for Ukraine could not be interrupted “under any circumstances”. Republicans had pledged to provide Ukraine aid through a separate vote, he said.

Without referring directly to the US bill, Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Sunday that nothing would weaken his country’s fight against Russia, and that no one could “shut down” Ukraine’s stability, endurance, strength and courage, echoing a Ukrainian verb often used to refer to power outages caused by Russian attacks. The Ukrainian president’s comments were made in a recorded speech released on the Defenders Day holiday.